How it works


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To start, the headteacher needs to enrol the school and set up and add classroom teachers. Don’t worry, this is a simple process and we keep all information secure.

Enrol your school


Add class(es) and children

With the school enrolled the headteacher can send invites to classroom teachers. The classroom teacher can then get the class ready to begin.


Take pre-quiz

The class teacher heads over to the quiz page to start the pre-quiz.

Quiz questions focus on The Human body, Microbiome and Antibiotics. These reflect the three separate classroom activities that follow.

Doing the pre-quiz allows us to compare how well the children performed before and after the classroom activity.


Classroom activites

Start with the video and use your notes to work through the classroom activities.

There are three separate activities (The Human body, Microbiome and Antibiotics).


Take a post-quiz

At the end of each activity, children can take a post-quiz to check what they’ve learned.

How you take the children through the quiz is up to you, but please make sure the children finish all the questions.



We highly recommend that you take all three parts – the Human Body, Microbiome and Antibiotics.

When your class has completed the quizzes you’ll get a certificate to download and your school will be entered into a prize draw to win lots of scientific goodies.



At the end of all three activities, you can check how much your class has learned by comparing their pre- and post-quiz responses.